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Scalping Mentorship Program by Sivakumar Jayachandran

Scalping Mentorship Program by Sivakumar Jayachandran

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Details of the product

11th Scalping Mentorship Program by Siva on, your all-inclusive guide to mastering scalping tools and techniques, which is the recorded version of Siva's 11th Mentorship Program. In this 12-day program, you will learn different options scalping strategies. You'll also learn how to form a market view by connecting various factors. All strategies are illustrated with practical examples in the live market (recorded).

Lesson 1, Pre-Mentoring Documents is a collection of beginner-friendly guides that will help you get started on your trading journey. Covering basic concepts like Scalping vs Intraday Trading to advanced ones like VIX and Option Greeks, these documents will familiarize you with the world of scalping and build a good foundation. We recommend going through them before moving on to further modules.

Lesson 2, Trading Psychology, sets the right tone for the course, emphasizing the significance of cultivating a proper trading mindset and effectively managing emotions during trading.

Lesson 3, Introduction to Futures & Options covers fundamental aspects of F&O and guides you in formulating a morning view by analyzing various market factors. Additionally, you'll gain insights on utilizing VIX to make informed and effective trades.

In Lesson 4, Open Interest & OI Spurts, you'll learn to read and analyze trends in open interest and observe OI spurts to formulate trading strategies. We will also discover the significance of monitoring dollar and crude prices for gauging the market environment.

In Lesson 5, India VIX & Implied Volatility, you'll learn to interpret and use Implied Volatility. Along with that, you'll learn how to set and utilize different chart indicators and combinations of those for scalping.

Siva presents and explains the 2-Candle Theory in Lesson 6, where you'll learn to take long and short trades using the famous 2-candle strategy, illustrated with practical examples. This will also guide you in selecting the right OI strikes for your trades.

In Lesson 7, we delve into trading techniques using Gap Theory and Golden Crossover, which requires the use of open interest data and other indicators for an effective scalping strategy. All strategies are supported by real-life examples for better understanding.

In Lesson 8, Trending OI Crossover, you'll gain expertise in making successful trades using the trending OI crossover strategy.

In Lesson 9, Opening Trade Strategy & OI Expiry Day Strategy, you'll be equipped with the skills to prepare for and implement the opening trade strategy. The session also emphasizes the setup for "Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow" and "Sell Today, Buy Tomorrow" strategies, illustrated with practical examples. Additionally, you'll gain insights into the OI Expiry Day strategy.

Lesson 10, Live Trade with Logic is a demonstration of previously taught strategies applied on the live market. Siva shows the application of his strategies in live market trading (live as on recorded day) by connecting factors such as the impact of foreign markets, and currency, and interpreting open interest.

Lesson 11 & 12 are Q&A Sessions, where Siva addresses some of the common questions and roadblocks faced by learners. This session is highly beneficial for learners, as it addresses and resolves many common doubts and misconceptions.

In Lesson 13, two additional trading strategies are unveiled: the Market Movers Strategy and the Open & High Strategy, adding to your toolkit for successful trading.

Course highlights:

- Form a market view by connecting different factors like the performance of global indices, VIX, open interest data, etc.
- Learn to use OI pulse & 1 cliq platform for efficient trading
- Explore different options scalping strategies & pick the most suitable one for you
- Illustration of strategies with practical examples on the live market

Who is this course for:

- Beginners who want to get started with scalping trading, even with no prior trading experience.
- It is suitable for both options buyers and sellers, looking to add more scalping strategies to their toolkit.
- Anyone who wants to gain exclusive insights into scalping trading from experienced and accomplished industry experts.
- Anyone who wants to learn options scalping with Siva, India's ace scalper.