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Passive Income through Options Selling by Sanjay Kathuria, CFA

Passive Income through Options Selling by Sanjay Kathuria, CFA

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Details of the product

Passive Income through Options Selling course on by Mr. Sanjay Kathuria. In this course, he shares his highly profitable options-selling strategy. You'll learn to scan stocks for opportunities and gain access to an Excel worksheet for your analysis. We'll backtest the strategy to build your confidence. Plus, as a special bonus, you'll receive an exclusive live session at the end.

In Lesson 1, Introduction, you'll meet your instructor and learn about his background and trading experience.

In Lesson 2, Basics of Options & Returns Expectations, you will delve into the different characteristics of options buying and selling, understanding their unique advantages and risks. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights into an effective options selling strategy, learning how to identify optimal opportunities and execute trades with precision. Furthermore, you will develop the right trading psychology, equipping yourself with the mindset necessary to navigate the market confidently and consistently.

In Lesson 3, Passive Income Strategy using Options Selling, you'll learn to expertly scan stocks for profitable opportunities, and receive a tailored Excel worksheet to streamline your stock analysis. You'll also learn to determine the right entry and exit points and set the correct stop loss.

In Lesson 4, Backtested Results & Live Webinar, we'll thoroughly backtest the strategy and analyze the results for maximum insight. As a special bonus, you'll also receive an exclusive live session at the end!

Course highlights:

- Learn to generate passive income with options selling strategies
- Learn to scan stocks for options selling
- Determine the correct entry, exit, and stop loss
- Develop the right trading psychology for option trading

Who is this course for:

- Individuals who want to learn to generate passive income using options selling
- Anyone looking for an options selling strategy
- Individuals looking to add a new strategy to their trading toolkit
- Anyone who wants to learn to scan stocks for options selling