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Elearnmarkets - Masterclass on Advanced Technical Strategies

Elearnmarkets - Masterclass on Advanced Technical Strategies

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Details of the product

Elearnmarkets Advanced Technical Analysis Course Highlights

  • 7+ hours of on-demand content
  • 15+ hours of Live Interactive Sessions
  • 3+ hours of Live Trading Sessions
  • Q&A Session with Experts
  • Whatsapp Community Support
  • Trade Discussions
  • Certificate of Completion


Technical Analysis is used for analyzing and predicting the direction of stock price. With proper understanding, traders aim to make informed decisions and profit from market opportunities. However, most of the people lose their hard-earned money in trading due to a lack of proper skills and knowledge.  

But, in this stock trading course, you will learn to analyze stocks, use tools & techniques to identify market trends with the help of chart patterns & detect price movements. You will also focus on interpreting price action, identifying entry and exit points, and managing risk effectively.

This stock market course is a combination of live and recorded sessions where you will get hands-on experience in analyzing the stocks and how to trade. Please find below the snapshot of the Masterclass on Advanced Technical Analysis:

Topic 1: Introduction to Technical Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various theories and philosophies of trading, such as Dow Theory and Gap Theory. Get knowledge of candlesticks and classical chart patterns and implications of different tools and indicators, including moving averages, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci, and many more. Additionally, know about risk and money management.  

Topic 2: Trendline, support, resistance

Identify support & resistance, draw trendlines for trend direction, understand how to spot breakout trades, set stop loss & target, and use trend angle for reversal trades.

Topic 3: Overview of Trading Software 

Get an in-depth understanding of using the StockEdge App to track & analyze the stocks, TradingView for chart analysis, and Trading Terminal to execute the trades. 

Topic 4: Chart Patterns 

Spot and analyze the various Classical Chart Patterns such as Double Top and Double Bottom, Head and Shoulders, Wedges, Flags and Pennants, and many more.

Topic 5: Candlestick Patterns

Identify and interpret the different types of Candlesticks, such as hammer and inverted hammer, shooting star and hanging man, spinning tops, doji, engulfing patterns, and many more.

Topic 6: Technical Indicators

Gain comprehensive knowledge to interpret Moving Averages, MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), and RSI (Relative Strength Indicators). And also know how to utilize these indicators for short-term momentum trade, medium-term, and swing trades. 

Topic 7: Advanced Technical Analysis Techniques & Trading Strategy 

Get an in-depth understanding of advanced techniques such as Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci expansion, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci arcs, and time zones, and learn how to predict stock prices using these tools. Furthermore, understand how to implement the advanced strategy "Golden Swing Strategy" and analyze the risk-reward ratio. Here you will get comprehensive knowledge of risk management, position-sizing, and money management.

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