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Happilo Roasted & Lightly Salted Premium Californian Almonds 200g

Happilo Roasted & Lightly Salted Premium Californian Almonds 200g

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Roasted almonld are one of the tastiest snacks to munch on and it’s unbelievably healthy as well. Happilo’sroasted and salted almondsare the ultimate snack to stock your pantries with as they aredry roasted almondsthat are lightly salted, ensuring all the essential vitamins and minerals are still inside each nut. Here are 10 reasons why you should snack on Happilo’sroasted badam:

Handpicked from California: Happilo’sroasted and salted almondsare handpicked from premium almond trees in California that are famous for having some of the best almonds in the world.

Dry Roasted: There is no oil used in the process of roasting Happilo’sCalifornia roasted almonds.These simplydry roasted almondsare lightly salted with Himalayan pink salt before being packaged into a resealable bag to maintain freshness and crunch. 

Zero Preservatives: Happilo ensures every single packet ofCalifornia roasted almondsis 100% free of all preservatives ensuring you nothing but premium quality at the bestroasted badam price.

High in Minerals: Just because the nuts are roasted, doesn’t mean they lose their vitamins and minerals. Happilo’sroasted almonds benefitsthe body the same way that natural raw almonds do! They are high in magnesium, copper, manganese and iron- all essential minerals that your body needs.

High in Unsaturated Fats: Roasted almondsare naturally high in healthy fats- called unsaturated fats that your body needs to stay nourished. These healthy fats also nourish your skin and hair while keeping you full for longer. 

Healthy Weight Loss Snack: Because of their ability to keep you full for longer, one of the best roasted almonds benefits is that they are an ideal healthy snack for weight loss. 

Fiber Rich: Roasted badam is naturally high in fiber- an important nutrient that aids with digestion and overall gut health. 

Protein Rich: Like most other types of nuts,Roasted almondsare a great source of plant protein, making them ideal for vegetarians. Most people are not able to eat the daily recommended amount of protein from their everyday meals. Adding a handful of almonds to your daily diet can improve your protein intake and boost your muscles’ ability to repair themselves.

Premium Quality: With Happilo, you can always be guaranteed that you are buying a premium quality product at an affordableroasted badam price.Happilo guarantees that every single item that they package is Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Verified, Gluten-free and fat-free with no added preservatives -being nothing but a healthy treat for the entire family!

Best Roasted Almonds PriceHappilo provides you withroasted almonds onlineat an affordable price without compromising on quality, packaging and service. Every product is value for money and we provide options of payment so your purchase doesn’t affect your budget- Eg. You can opt to pay for theroasted almonds 1kg priceon EMI.

Almonds, Edible Salt

SpecialtyHigh in Protein, Gluten Free
Weight200 Grams
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
Storage InstructionsStore in a cool and dry place in a air tight container.
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