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Happilo Premium International Omani Dates 250gm

Happilo Premium International Omani Dates 250gm

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Omani dates are your perfect solution for a quick snack or to naturally sweeten any dish! Here are a few reasons to buy Happilo’s Omani dates online: 

Sourced from Oman: Happilo sources these premium Omani dates from the date palms of Oman after which they are naturally dried and packaged hygienically in a resealable bag to maintain freshness. 

Zero preservatives: With Happilo, you are guaranteed 100% natural Omani khajur free of any preservatives and additives.

Quick Bite of Energy: Omani dates are high in natural sugars that keep you energised and ready to go about your day. This energy-giving nature of dates is why they have been used for hundreds of years to break fasts. Dates are also excellent healthy snacks for weight loss.

High in Minerals and Vitamins: Omani dates are rich in essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese while also being rich in vitamin C and vitamin D.

Fiber Rich: Omani dates are particularly high in fiber, a vital nutrient that aids digestion and overall gastric health. You can increase your fiber intake by consuming more dates.

Natural Sweetener: Omani khajur can replace sugar in almost any dish, be it desserts or savoury recipes that need a hint of sweetness. Omani dates have a syrupy taste that gives them a delicious and distinct flavour. Due to their versatility, Omani dates are a staple in every kitchen!

Indian Desserts: Not just to sweeten cakes and cookies, you can use Omani dates for traditional Indian desserts as well to make healthier alternatives to the otherwise rich, decadent sweets. Here are  4 quick and easy Indian sweets to make at home. 

Premium Quality: With Happilo, you can be sure that you are buying premium quality Omani khajur at an affordable price. Happilo guarantees you that all their products are Non-GMO Verified, gluten-free and fat-free with no added preservatives - being nothing but a healthy treat for the entire family!

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